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Answers to important questions about Nokia products

  1. What is the lock code or security code of my Nokia phone?

    If you forget or lose the lock code or security code, try first the default lock code 12345. If it is not accepted, contact the nearest Nokia Care point to unlock your device. To find nearest location to you, go to your local Nokia website, and navigate to Support > Troubleshooting (or Contact us).

  2. How do I update the device software for Nokia S40/Symbian phones?

    It’s easy – just use your phone’s software update application or Nokia Suite to download the update. The whole process should take less than ten minutes, depending on the speed of your connection. You can use:

    • a Wi-Fi network that your phone is connected to

    • your phone’s cellular data connection

    • your PC’s internet connection, using Nokia Suite

    If you use your phone’s cellular data connection to update the software, you may have to pay data charges. It’s usually faster and cheaper to use a Wi-Fi network or your PC’s internet connection. The update packages from Nokia are free of charge.

    Update via your phone:

    For most devices, select Menu > Settings > Phone > Phone updates or  Menu > Applications > (Tools >) SW Update. If you don't find the software update application from these menu locations, check the correct one from the user guide.

    Update via PC:

    Install Nokia Suite to your PC from your local Nokia website.Connect your phone to the PC via an USB cable.Start Nokia Suite, and select Tools > Software updates.Select the updates you want to download, and select Install.

  3. My Nokia phone displays "SIM card rejected" or "SIM card unaccepted". What can I do?

    These kind of messages are displayed in the following situations:

    The SIM card may be out of alignment. If the phone has recently been dropped, bumped, or opened, the SIM card may need adjusting. Follow the SIM card installation instructions in your user guide. The PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code is entered incorrectly multiple times. This can inactivate the SIM card. If inactivation appears to be permanent, contact your operator or service provider for a new SIM card. You have recently changed your operator or mobile service provider. In this case, either your SIM card or your phone settings may have been configured for your previous operator and therefore reconfiguring is needed. It may also be that your phone is simlocked, so using a SIM card from a different operator or service provider is prohibited. Please contact your current operator or service provider for further assistance. If none of the situations above apply and you continue to receive this error message, your SIM card may be damaged. Please contact your operator or service provider. Or alternately, contact your local Nokia Care Point for inspection. Nokia contact information can be found on http://www.nokia.com/support

  4. What will happen to Nokia PC Suite?

    Nokia PC Suite is being replaced by Nokia Suite, which is the newer and more user-friendly application for Windows PC.

    Nokia is not developing PC Suite anymore.

    With Nokia Suite, you can connect your computer and your phone. Keeping important information up to date on your phone and on your computer is simple, and you can  transfer music, and download free street maps to your phone with ease. Nokia PC Suite and Nokia Suite can be installed on the same computer, but you should not use them simultaneously. Note that the latest Nokia phones are supported only by Nokia Suite.


  5. What are the access codes (PIN codes, PUK codes, Restriction codes, Security codes, Passwords)?

    PIN (Personal Identification Number) codes:

    - PIN code protects your SIM card against unauthorized use. It is asked when you insert the SIM card and boot up the device for the first time. It is from 4 to 8 digits long and usually supplied with your SIM card. However, it is recommended to change the original PIN code to your own, the instruction on how to change the PIN code is provided in the user guide or Nokia Web site. 

    - PIN2 code is also 4 to 8 digits long and is supplied with some SIM cards, and is required to access certain services.

    - If you enter any of the above PIN codes incorrectly three consecutive times, you need corresponding PUK codes to unlock them. Read more about PUK codes below.

    PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) codes:

    - PUK code is 8 digits long and is required to change a blocked PIN code.

    - PUK2 code is required to change a blocked PIN2 code.

    - The PUK codes are also provided by your network operator.

    Restriction code / Restriction password:

    - The restriction code or restriction password may be required when using some network services, such as call restriction service. Note that not all network operators support such service.

    - If your device display "Enter restriction code" when you insert a new SIM card, it means that your device has been locked to use a certain operator's network and it does not accept SIM cards from other operators.

    - Contact your network operator for assistance.

    Other PIN codes:

    - The module PIN is required to access the information in the security module of your SIM card.

    - The signing PIN may be required for the digital signature. 


    Important! If you do not know or forget any of these codes above, always contact your network operator. Keep all the codes in a safe place separate from your phone.

    Lock code / Security code / Password:

    - These codes protect your phone from unauthorised use.

    - The default lock code or security code supplied with the phone is usually 12345. For Nokia Lumia devices there are no default codes. It is recommended to specify the code of your own. The instruction on how to change the code is provided in the user guide or Nokia Web site http://www.nokia.com

    - If you get error notifications after entering the code too many times incorrectly, reboot the phone and wait for 15 minutes, then try again.

    - If the problem persists, contact your local Nokia Care Point. The contact information can be found from http://www.nokia.com/support


  6. How can I connect Nokia Symbian or Nokia S40 phone to my computer?

    You need to have the Nokia Suite application installed on your PC.

    To download and install Nokia Suite, visit your local Nokia website http://www.nokia.com/support

    Once you have Nokia Suite installed on your computer, please do the following:

    Start Nokia Suite.Connect your phone to computer via USB cable or select Tools > Add new phone > Use bluetooth insteadFollow the on-screen instructions.  For more detailed information please watch the tutorial video from Nokia Care.


  7. Why should I update my Nokia phone software?

    Just like a computer, your Nokia phone uses software to run. By making sure you always have the latest version of this software, you get:

    performance improvements to things like battery life and applicationsnew and improved functionsthe latest versions of Nokia applications and servicesbug fixes Therefore it's recommended to regularly let your device check for updates by activating the so called "software update auto check" as below:

    Start the software update application on your phone. For most devices, you will find this application under Menu > Settings > Phone > Phone updates or  Menu > Applications > (Tools >) SW Update. If you don't find the software update application from these menu locations, check the correct location from the user guide.Select Options > Settings > Auto-Check for updates. With  that in place, your phone will automatically check in specified intervals if there's a new software available and prompt you to start the update.


  8. How can I prolong my battery life on my Nokia phone?

    Use the following guidelines to increase your battery life time:

    Turn Bluetooth off when you do not need it. Specify that your Nokia phone does not scan, or scans less often, for available Wireless LAN (WLAN) networks in the backround when you do not need WLAN connections (to turn off scanning, disable Show WLAN availability in Wireless LAN settings).  If you have set Packet data connection to When available in connection settings, and there is no packet data coverage (GPRS), your Nokia phone periodically tries to establish a packet data connection. To prolong the operating time of your Nokia phone, select Packet data connection > When needed. The Maps application downloads new map information when you scroll to new areas on the map, which increases the demand on battery power. Prevent the automatic download of new maps. If the signal strength of the cellular network varies much in your area, your Nokia phone must scan for the available network repeatedly. This increases the demand on battery power.  If the Network mode is set to dual mode in the network settings, the Nokia phone searches for the UMTS network. To use only the GSM network, select Network mode > GSM. The backlight of the display increases the demand on battery power. In the display settings, you can change the time-out after which the backlight is switched off, and adjust the light sensor that observes lighting conditions and adjusts the display brightness. Leaving applications running in the background increases the demand on battery power. Close the applications you are not using.Turn off vibrate function of your Nokia phone, using just the ring tone.Avoid using moving or animated pictures or videos for your Nokia phone's background.Turn off your Nokia phone whenever you do not plan to answer any calls, for example while you are sleeping. Make sure your phone is running the latest software. For downloads and assistance, go to your local Nokia website's support page.

    If the battery loses the power fast even though there is no features consuming the power, the battery may be wearing out and you need to replace it with a new one.



  9. Why is my Nokia phone requesting a PIN/PIN2/PUK/PUK2 code?

    Why is my Nokia phone requesting a PIN/PIN2/PUK/PUK2 code? Your Nokia device requests PIN (Personal Identification Number) and PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) codes to protect your SIM card and device against unauthorized use. Note that all PIN and PUK codes are provided by your network operator. Nokia is not able to provide you PIN or PUK codes.

    Note also the following:

    When your insert your SIM card and boot up your device for the first time, you need to enter the PIN code. For security reasons it is recommended to change it to your own code, instructions on how to change the PIN code in your device is provided in the user guide or Nokia web site. If the PIN code is entered incorrectly multiple times, your device may request a PUK code to futher validate the user's identity and to unlock and change the blocked PIN code.The PIN2 code is a PIN code which acts as a second layer of protection for certain features of your phone.  If the PIN2 code is entered incorrectly multiple times, your phone may request a PUK2 code. If you do not know or forget any of these codes, always contact your network operator for assistance. If you have already contacted but the code provided does not work, you should obtain a new SIM card.


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Sony Ericsson Frequently asked questions

  1. Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Ericsson.

    If you are looking for a manual, driver, downloads or product information for a Sony Ericsson product, click here.

    If you are looking for support for an Ericsson product, solution or service, please contact the nearest service center or office.


  2. My mobile phone does not work. What can I do?

    Please contact your local Sony Ericsson Customer Center: www.sonyericsson.com

  3. I would like to have your latest annual report.

    You can find the latest and some old Ericsson's annual reports at: www.ericsson.com/investors/financial_reports

  4. My manual for my mobile phone is missing. How can I get a new one?

    To download user manuals for your phone, please go to Sony Ericsson's site, select your region and location and search for your phone model.

  5. How do I submit a sponsorship request?

    Please use the form at the link below and describe the proposed sponsorship activity/event.



  6. Is it true that you are giving away mobile phones and laptops? Please give me Anna Swelungs e-mail address.?

    No, Ericsson is not giving away phones or laptops. The chain letter is a Fraud and has been circulating since April 2000. The following is an extract from the letter: "All you need to do is send an e-mail about this promotion to 8 people and you will receive an Ericsson T18 Laptop. // if you send an e-mail to 20 or more people, you will receive an Ericsson R320 Laptop. Make sure you send a copy to: [email protected]"

    Anna Swelung does not exist at Ericsson. The legal and IT departments at Ericsson will trace the person who initiated the illegal chain letter.

    Ericsson is sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused and kindly ask people not to forward the chain mail further.


  7. I need some information about your company.

    For more information about general company facts, history, mission and vision, please look at: www.ericsson.com/thecompany/company_facts

    For financial reports, please look at: www.ericsson.com/investors/financial_reports


  8. :What is 3G?

    3G is a generic term covering a range of future wireless network technologies, including cdma2000, UMTS, GPRS, WCDMA and EDGE.

    For more information about 3G technology, please look at:



  9. What is Bluetooth?

    Bluetooth wireless technology is a short-range radio technology being developed by Ericsson and other companies. Bluetooth wireless technology makes it possible to transmit signals over short distances between telephones, computers and other devices. The Bluetooth technology eliminates the need for numerous and inconvenient cable attachments for connecting computers, mobile phones, mobile computers and handheld devices.

    For more information about Bluetooth technology, please look at:




  10. Where can I download drivers for my adsl modem?

    Please contact your Service Provider for support for your modem.

    Ericsson has actually no support for the adsl modems since Ericsson does not sell them to the end users.

    The modems are sold to network operators and they sell the modems to the end users. The operators handle the support, not Ericsson.


  11. I would like to work for your company?

    For information about job opportunities and how to send an open application to Ericsson, please look at: www.ericsson.com/ericsson/careers

    You can also contact the local Ericsson company that you are interested in and look at their websites for more job opportunities, at: www.ericsson.com/ericsson/worldwide


  12. I am a student, can I become a trainee at your company?

    Please read the information on the website below and select one of the chosen organizations.


    International students: IAESTE and AIESEC administer international internships/master thesis projects for a number of companies worldwide (Ericsson is one of them).




  13. Can I use your pictures on my homepage?

    You are authorized to use information available on our external web site, www.ericsson.com, in accordance with the conditions set out on: www.ericsson.com/legal

    Even potential customers, suppliers, partners, and members of the general public having no formal relationship with Ericsson are authorized to use our information, including linking to ericsson.com on the same terms as long as the nature of this relationship is made clear.

    As you can understand our corporate logotype is one of our most valuable assets. Currently only Ericsson companies, Ericsson joint ventures and some select customers and dealers/representatives have permission to use our corporate logotype as part of communications activities. If you would like to explore the possibility of gaining an Ericsson approval, please send us the following background information and we will evaluate your request.


    Name of your company: Contact person at your company: Last years revenue: Last years profit: Ownership structure (including any changes the last 3 years): Your contact person at Ericsson (name and telephone number): Products/services that you have sold to/bought from Ericsson: Expected business volume with Ericsson the next coming 3 years: Purpose of using Ericsson as a reference:

    For more information regarding product and campaign pictures, please look at: www.ericsson.com/thecompany/press/photolibrary


  14. Who should I contact when having an idea and / or a product that might be of interest to Ericsson?

    If you have an idea for a new business please use the form found at: www.ericsson.com/feedback

  15. Is it dangerous to use your mobile phones?

    No, for information about health and safety in mobile phones, please look at:




  16. I would like to have your environmental report.


    For environmental issues regarding Sony Ericsson please visit link below:



  17. I would like to have some information about your PBX solutions.

    Our PBX solutions, including MX-ONE and MD110, was divested to Aastra on May 1st 2008. For information about the previous Ericsson PBX solutions, please visit www.aastra.com

  18. We are working on a specific type of WAP service. How can we work together?

    if you are a developer and want access to the wide range of mobile application technologies and products that Ericsson can offer, please look at: www.ericsson.com/developerBy registering at this site, you can get valuable information and tools, which will enable you to build and test applications

  19. Where can I find the latest press releases?

    Please visit our press site: www.ericsson.com/press Here you can read official announcements, search our photo library for product pictures, etc. You can also contact Ericsson's worldwide communication staff.

  20. I would like to buy some optical equipment such as fusion splicers and optical fibers.

    Please visit Ericsson Network Technologies and contact its main offices in the world at: www.ericsson.com/networktechnologies/contact

    20: How can I become a supplier to Ericsson?

    To become a supplier to Ericsson, please describe your products and/or services using the form found at: www.ericsson.com/feedback

    For more information, please contact your local Ericsson company:



  21. I have an Ericsson DECT 260 at home but the battery needs to be replaced. Where can I get a battery?

    These phones are not manufactured anymore, the DECT business was discontinued in 2000. You can contact EuroBatteries.com to purchase a new battery. www.eurobatteries.com

  22. We have several Ericsson Dialog phones at work but no manual to use them properly. Could you help us?

    Due to Ericsson’s divestment of its PBX solutions, which included our telephones, from May 1st 2008 you can find manuals and tools for Ericsson phones at Aastra, www.aastra.com

  23. How do I communicate securely by email with Ericsson users?

    Maintaining a high level of security when dealing with confidential information such as sensitive patent, legal, financial or employee information is essential for maintaining an organization of high integrity. It is therefore advised that sensitive material sent through e-mail between Ericsson and its partners and vice versa should be protected using mail encryption.

    Ericsson uses a standard, S/Mime Digital id, referred to as EriCA. The Certificate Authority is hosted by TeliaSonera, and is trusted by RSA, which means that all external users using Windows XP and above, with the Root certificate update automatically trust them. Secure e-mail communication to and from Ericsson, Quick guide for Ericsson partners (pdf)

    For you as an external user, you will need to use a mail tool that can handle Digital ids (certificates), and you will need to obtain a Digital id (from e.g. Comodo, Geotrust, VeriSign). Please click on this link to download a presentation showing how to communicate by mail encryption with Ericsson (pdf).

    If your company is using Windows 2000 or has not updated Windows XP with the latest root certificate update, it could be useful for you to install Ericssons root certificates. They are available for download by clicking this link (zip).


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