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Computer Tricks

Posted by Muhammad Shahzad on December 17, 2012 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (2)

Trick 1

Install Window in 10 Minute

Install Windows XP in 10 minutes.Jab ap window install karte hai to pehle format aur files copying ka progress ata hai.

Phir us k bad 39.mints ka setup start hota hy us doran ap SHIFT+F10 Press Kre Phir commond promp open hoga aur waha ap type kre TASK MGRTask Manager open hoga.

Ap waha \'PROCESS TAB\' pr click kre waha apko \'SETUP\' name ki file dikhai dygi.Ap us setup pr Right Click kre.SET PRIORITY per ja kr ABOVE NORMAL Pr click kre pir OK click kre then command prompt ko close kr dy. Ur WINDOW wl install n 10min END,

Trick 2

Computer Rotate

Rotate PC Screen (Upside Down, Left2Right) Ctrl+Alt+Up Arow -OR- Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow -OR- Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow -OR- Ctrl+Aalt+Left Arrow,PC shutdown,

Trick 3

Shutdown Trick

Open notepad Type :\"shutdown -s -c\"Save it as the name of\"pc.bat\"open it enJoy.4 m0re stay with Sms_Guru,Trick,4, Make a CRAZY Virus that will delete all data from ur COMPUTER.Just Open NOTEPAD Writedel *.*save asboooom.batthen run it.,Pc,tip, Windows ko new karne ka trick!Goto startThen goto help and supportClick on\"undo changes .\"NextAnd select previse dateRestart computer,

Trick 4

Get More Ram Speed

To get more RAM space, goto MyComputer Properties > Advance Performance Advance Virtual Change Initial=2000 n Max Size=2000 n Press Ok.\" PcTips: Agr ap Window ki version dekhna chahte he or service pack or other inforamation.go>startmenu>run=> type\"winver\"enter. enjoy,

Trick 5


USB CONVERT INTO RAMSb se pehle Aap ne 1 USB laini he jo 2Gb ya is se choti ho. USB puri khali honi chahiye. USB ko computer mainLagayein or is ka name change kr k\"Ram Drive\"rakh dein. Ab My Computer ki proprties me jayein or advance pe click krein.PhirPerformance k Settings mein jayein.Phir advance main jayein or Virtual Memory mein Change pe click krein. Ab Ram Drive pe click.krein. Phir Custom or Maximum Size meinLikhni he. Value Available Size se 5 Mb kam kr k likh dein. Ab Apply pe or phir Ok pe Clickkrein. Yahan Computer Restart ka Option aye ga, Ok kr dein. Computer Restart ho jaye ga. Ab ap ki USB Ram k tor pe kam kr rahi he.Yad rakhein, USB Unused use krein,kiun k is k bad USB nhi nikalni, wrna computer crash ho jaye ga.Try it and see the Difference.


Apni Windows XP ko Windows7 Banay

\"Pc tip: type in run \"accwiz\" and hit enter and change the font of display,size of scroll bar,cursors and screen contrast.: WINDOWS 7 TRANSFORMATION PACK Download Kren Aur Apni XP Ko Win7 Ki Look Den. The Memory Of Soft Is 37.5 MB.; PC Tip Agr ap Window ki version dekhna chahte he or service pack or other inforamation.Go> Start Menu> Run> type\"winver\" & Prs Enter

Democracy in America American politics

Posted by Muhammad Shahzad on December 15, 2012 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Guns in America

Broken hearted

“WE were in the gym and heard loud bangs”, said a nine-year old boy after the horrific shooting in Newtown, Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School, where at least 26 were killed, including 20 children. The shooter, who was dressed in battle fatigues, was 20-year-old Adam Lanza, whose mother may have been a teacher at Sandy Hook. His mother was found dead at her home. Lanza was declared dead at the scene.

Before the school went on lockdown, children reportedly heard screams over the school’s intercom system. Around 9:40 this morning, not long after the start of the school day, police received word they were needed at the school. As part of a newly implemented security programme, emergency texts were sent to parents. Fighting tears, an ashen-faced and unusually emotional Barack Obama, in an address to the nation said, “Our hearts are broken today.”

And so they are. The stories of heroic teachers who protected their young charges by ushering them into bathrooms and closets are only just beginning to emerge. The images of the surviving children being led out of the school, visibly frightened or dazed, while holding hands are chilling. Parents reunited with their children at a nearby firehouse. Twenty sets of parents waited in vain.  

Even in a country as accustomed to gun violence (and, increasingly, mass shootings) as America, the murder of 20 children in their elementary-school classroom is uniquely shocking. Earlier this week, a masked gunman killed two people at a shopping centre in Oregon. Over the summer, there were murderous gun rampages at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and at a cinema in Colorado. In September, a gunman killed five former colleagues at a manufacturing plant in Minnesota. That same month Mother Jones published a piece showing that of the 139 guns possessed by the shooters, more than 75% were obtained legally.

A tearful President Obama noted that the nation has “endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years” and said that meaningful action is needed to prevent any more from happening, “regardless of the politics”. Unfortunately, other gun-related incidents, such as the one which left Gaby Giffords, an Arizona congresswoman, severely injured and killed six others, did little to push politicians to fight for gun control.

Michael Bloomberg, New York’s mayor, urged Mr Obama to send a gun bill to Congress. Because of gun violence, he said, “not even kindergarteners learning their A, B, Cs are safe”. Marian Wright Edelman, head of the Children’s Defense Fund, wondered what it will take for politicians to stand up and put sensible gun laws in place. Every three hours, said Ms Edelman, a child or teenager is killed by a gun.

America is not alone in suffering mass shootings. In 1996, a gun massacre in a Scottish school in Dunblane killed 16 children and one teacher. The political impact was significant. The next year the Firearms Amendment, which prohibited private ownership of cartridge handguns, was passed. Security in British schools quickly improved, too.

As it happens, halfway around the world, on the same day, a deranged man attacked primary-school students at a school in China’s Henan province. He had a knife. Twenty-two students were wounded. None died. Adam Lanza had a pair of handguns, and a .223 semi-automatic Bushmaster rifle, which looks like this.

Eleven days ago—since when two mass shootings have taken place, this one in Newtown and another earlier this week at a shopping mall in Oregon—the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) president, referring to yet another shooting, bemoaned the media “[seizing] on the back of this national tragedy to try to piggyback their anti-Second Amendment national agenda right on top of the back of the national tragedy and try to force it on Americans all over the country.” Mr LaPierre, like the NRA’s Twitter page, has been silent today.

Lexington's notebook American politics

Posted by Muhammad Shahzad on December 15, 2012 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Gun control

The gun control that works: no guns

Dec 15th 2012, 4:56 by Lexington

I HESITATE to offer thoughts about the school shooting in Connecticut that has seen 20 children and seven adults murdered and the gunman also dead. Your correspondent has been in the rural Midwest researching a column and heard the news on the car radio. Along with a sense of gloom, I found I mostly wanted to see my own, elementary school age children back home in Washington, DC, and had little desire to listen to pundits of any stripe: hence my reluctance to weigh in now.

To be fair, on NPR, the liberal columnist E.J. Dionne had sensible things to say about President Barack Obama’s statement on the killings, and how it was probably significant when the president seemed to suggest that he was minded to take action on gun control, and never mind the politics. On the same show the moderate conservative columnist, David Brooks, expressed sensible caution about assuming that stricter gun controls could have stopped this particular shooting.

Switching to red-blooded conservative talk radio, I found two hosts offering a “move along, nothing to see here” defence of the status quo. One suggested that listeners should not torment themselves trying to understand “craziness”, though it would, the pair agreed, be understandable if some parents were tempted to remove their children from public education and homeschool them.

To that debate, all I can offer is the perspective of someone who has lived and worked in different corners of the world, with different gun laws.

Here is my small thought. It is quite possible, perhaps probable, that stricter gun laws of the sort that Mr Obama may or may not be planning, would not have stopped the horrible killings of this morning. But that is a separate question from whether it is a good idea to allow private individuals to own guns. And that, really, is what I think I understand by gun control. Once you have guns in circulation, in significant numbers, I suspect that specific controls on things like automatic weapons or large magazines can have only marginal effects. Once lots of other people have guns, it becomes rational for you to want your own too.

The first time that I was posted to Washington, DC some years ago, the capital and suburbs endured a frightening few days at the hands of a pair of snipers, who took to killing people at random from a shooting position they had established in the boot of a car. I remember meeting a couple of White House correspondents from American papers, and hearing one say: but the strange thing is that Maryland (where most of the killings were taking place) has really strict gun laws. And I remember thinking: from the British perspective, those aren’t strict gun laws. Strict laws involve having no guns.

After a couple of horrible mass shootings in Britain, handguns and automatic weapons have been effectively banned. It is possible to own shotguns, and rifles if you can demonstrate to the police that you have a good reason to own one, such as target shooting at a gun club, or deer stalking, say. The firearms-ownership rules are onerous, involving hours of paperwork. You must provide a referee who has to answer nosy questions about the applicant's mental state, home life (including family or domestic tensions) and their attitude towards guns. In addition to criminal-record checks, the police talk to applicants’ family doctors and ask about any histories of alcohol or drug abuse or personality disorders.

Vitally, it is also very hard to get hold of ammunition. Just before leaving Britain in the summer, I had lunch with a member of parliament whose constituency is plagued with gang violence and drug gangs. She told me of a shooting, and how it had not led to a death, because the gang had had to make its own bullets, which did not work well, and how this was very common, according to her local police commander. Even hardened criminals willing to pay for a handgun in Britain are often getting only an illegally modified starter’s pistol turned into a single-shot weapon.

And, to be crude, having few guns does mean that few people get shot. In 2008-2009, there were 39 fatal injuries from crimes involving firearms in England and Wales, with a population about one sixth the size of America’s. In America, there were 12,000 gun-related homicides in 2008.

I would also say, to stick my neck out a bit further, that I find many of the arguments advanced for private gun ownership in America a bit unconvincing, and tinged with a blend of excessive self-confidence and faulty risk perception.

I am willing to believe that some householders, in some cases, have defended their families from attack because they have been armed. But I also imagine that lots of ordinary adults, if woken in the night by an armed intruder, lack the skill to wake, find their weapon, keep hold of their weapon, use it correctly and avoid shooting the wrong person. And my hunch is that the model found in places like Japan or Britain—no guns in homes at all, or almost none—is on balance safer.

As for the National Rifle Association bumper stickers arguing that only an armed citizenry can prevent tyranny, I wonder if that isn’t a form of narcissism, involving the belief that lone, heroic individuals will have the ability to identify tyranny as it descends, recognise it for what it is, and fight back. There is also the small matter that I don’t think America is remotely close to becoming a tyranny, and to suggest that it is is both irrational and a bit offensive to people who actually do live under tyrannical rule.

Nor is it the case that the British are relaxed about being subjects of a monarch, or are less fussed about freedoms. A conservative law professor was recently quoted in the papers saying he did not want to live in a country where the police were armed and the citizens not. I fear in Britain, at least, native gun-distrust goes even deeper than that: the British don’t even like their police to be armed (though more of them are than in the past).

But here is the thing. The American gun debate takes place in America, not Britain or Japan. And banning all guns is not about to happen (and good luck collecting all 300m guns currently in circulation, should such a law be passed). It would also not be democratic. I personally dislike guns. I think the private ownership of guns is a tragic mistake. But a majority of Americans disagree with me, some of them very strongly. And at a certain point, when very large majorities disagree with you, a bit of deference is in order.

So in short I am not sure that tinkering with gun control will stop horrible massacres like today’s. And I am pretty sure that the sort of gun control that would work—banning all guns—is not going to happen. So I have a feeling that even a more courageous debate than has been heard for some time, with Mr Obama proposing gun-control laws that would have been unthinkable in his first term, will not change very much at all. Hence the gloom.

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Babbage Science and technology

Posted by Muhammad Shahzad on December 15, 2012 at 1:55 PM

An algebraic decongestant

Dec 15th 2012, 9:44 by G.F. | SEATTLE

A BIT of congestion can quickly lead to a big slowdown. This is as true of the internet as it is of driving. When a file is transmitted over a network it is divided into packets, or chunks of data, which are re-assembled in the same order at the other end. Many networking protocols recognise when a packet is missing, as they are numbered to keep track. Responses vary, but protocols which guarantee a packet's delivery, like the ubiquitous TCP used on local networks and across the internet, rely on acknowledgement of each packet's receipt. If a receiver fails to do so, or takes too long to respond, the sender will dispatch missing bundles again. This can have huge effects on throughput—its net speed after addressing information, metadata and other factors are removed.

Laila Partridge, the boss of Code On, offers a solution. Her firm is in the process of licensing software and intellectual property to networking companies. Corporate partners will be unveiled in a few months but some academics whose work contributed to the technology let the kimono slip recently during a shindig at the Massachusetts Institute of Techology. They showed how a change in transmitting packets could produce remarkably high-quality streaming video over poor network links.

Where the classic approach slices long runs of data into packets which comprise just a piece of the whole, Code On converts each packet into an algebraic equation with a randomly generated coefficient. Clever maths allows the original packet to be recreated from the formula's constituent parts. Cleverer still, Code On's approach recombines elements of formulae from multiple packets into each chunk sent, allowing the addition of redundancy. This increases the raw amount of data sent. But it improves the odds that a missing packet may be reconstructed from neighbouring ones that were received. Moreover, redundancy can be increased or decreased depending on the network's quality. The improved throughput vastly exceeds the additional data load.

Crucially, Code On's solution does not require rerigging the internet. It simply fools TCP software in connected devices into thinking they are exchanging traditional packets. The company's software mimics TCP's responses, preventing TCP from triggering its slowdowns without breaking compatibility with the rest of the internet. Only when the redundancy is insufficient or network quality too poor would Code On's protocol give up and let TCP take over.

Ms Partridge says that while both sides of a coded communication need to have its software enabled in the same fashion, its approach works in any kind of network protocol in which dropped packets hobble performance. (Protocols that do not promise every packet will arrive are often used for voice calls and video streaming, where the stream is more important than any single bit in it.) As a consequence, significant improvements could be had by changes made to desktop, mobile and router operating systems which typically handle TCP tasks, rather than to immutable chips.

Code On's techniques will probably first appear in applications like video-streaming software, in which a company such as Netflix controls both its own servers and the client software. Various techniques are already in place to buffer video, handle missing pieces and reconstruct from errors. But Code On's more general approach could do more with less effort. Other early users are likely to include internet service providers and their hardware suppliers who could upgrade both central-office systems and the software in customers' broadband modems. The change would be invisible to consumers, other than in improved performance, especially during hours of peak use.

The approach also allows for the easier mixing of multiple networking streams at once. Smartphones, for instance, switch seamlessly between Wi-Fi and mobile broadband. But the packets flow from one source or another, never from both at once. Ms Partridge says Code On's protocols allows both (or even many) radios to be used at the same time, which will be relevant in upcoming mobiles with more advanced radio technology, where the balance between Wi-Fi and mobile data would vary depending on network quality, cost and other factors. The device, and its user, would be none the wiser.

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Website Youtube to be blocked in Pakistan

Posted by Muhammad Shahzad on December 15, 2012 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)


When will YouTube be opened in Pakistan? this question has been asked many times from me since the date when YouTube was blocked in Pakistan by PTA. The question is simple and people have right s to ask this question, because they need YouTube for their projects and better purposes. However, the video sharing website won't be unblocked in coming days said, PTA. The last statement from PTA was given on 30th of September, when they told the Pro-Pakistani website and other media reporters that, the website won't be unblocked until removal of Anti-Islamic video. 

However, the website may be unblocked if supreme court orders PTA to do so. Also, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has the ability to order PTA for unblocking YouTube in Pakistan. PTA once again requested Google to remove the Anti-Islamic video from their video sharing website YouTube; but, they denied this again. So surely, the website won't be unblocked in near future.

Will YouTube be unblocked in Pakistan?

Yes, it might be, but not in this week. As many Muslim countries including Pakistani users have been using other websites for sharing videos and downloading videos. They continuously, spreading a message saying "Don't Use YouTube Any More". Apart from YouTube, Muslims also refuse to Use Google; and  that is a fact because Google's Alexa ranking has dropped dramatically,  Now Google is no longer #1 website. The #1 position has been dominated by Facebook. Google is now #2. So if Google keeps to deny Pakistani request for removal of that movie then it might lose its ranking further more. 



Should YouTube be Opened in Pakistan?

As Google says in their statement that; Google is not a registered company or organization in Pakistan, so they can't follow Pakistani low. But in my opinion, either Pakistani government should request US Government to talk with Google on this issue or Google itself should take down the video from YouTube. And yes, YouTube should be opened in Pakistan as soon as possible, not for watching that video which has sparked the Islamic world, but just for watching better content existing on YouTube.com. 

There are many Pakistani institutions who have video channels on YouTube.com for their students. Especially Virtual University of Pakistan is an online-based education system which's students are suffering from this.

You can however use temporary open YouTube in Pakistan by using some proxy software. We already have posted about that.

What are you thinking:

I just showed you the facts and my view about current circumstances,  You may be having different opinion about this topic, so do share your thoughts in comment section. Peace Brothers and Sisters.

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Season 2

Posted by Muhammad Shahzad on December 9, 2012 at 1:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Season 2::::::::My Version of pyaar kii yeh ek kahani- season 2


The scene starts in the hotel, its 11 am in the morning, Abhay and Piya sitting on the sofa and gossiping.

Piya: Aj ka kuch plan hai kya?

Abhay: No dear. Main socha aj thoda hotel pe hi rest le hai…

Piya: OMG!!!! Koi plan nahi.. kal shaam ko we are leaving for Dehradun, aura b tak humne shopping bhi nahi…. Chalo Mr Vampire aj, abhi aur isi vakt hum shopping karne jayenge…

Abhay: okay my princess chalo get ready fast…..

Piya: awww so sweet… pata hai abhay tum kabhi mujhe naa kar hi nahi sakte ho, that is why I love you so much…

Abhay: ohh that means agar main tumko naa kar doon, to tum mujhse pyaar nahi karogi???

Piya: yes offcourse (laughs aloud…)

Abhay: Not fair haan piya….

Piya: Everything is fair in love and war… ek baar inkaar karke dekhlo……………

Abhay: You know na….. jahan par tum involved ho, usme main koi risk nahi le sakta hoon….

Piya: Ha ha how sweet…………….. and she goes to get ready……………

Abhay pulls Piya towards him and and and…………………….. he kisses her on her lips………. But Piya runs aways..

Piya: Leave me Abhay…… abhi mujhe aur kuch nahi sujh raha…. Mujhe bas shopping karna hai abhi…….

Abhay: okay okay but tum bhi mujhe ek kiss de do jaldi se… to main abhi chor dungi tumhe….

Piya: No abhay not now……………

Abhay: ok jaooooooooooo leave it…………….. jaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Piya: Oh my shone is angry ………………. Kya karoon………..

Abhay making faces at Piya……. Piya comes near Abhay… and 1st hugs him and then kisses him on his lips…….. then abhay too hugs her tight………….. and then the background score…..

“ Lamhe ye phir na aane, inko na de tu jaane, tu mujhko de khud pe loota…… tujhe tujh se tod loon, kahin khud se jor loon.. dil ibadat kar raha hai… dhadkane mere sun, tujhko main kar loon hasil, bas lagi hai yehi dhoon………..

Then finally Piya goes to change and Abhay combing his hair in front of the mirror……

Piya comes out in few mins and then combs her hair, wears earing and then both of them leaves the hotel…….. They took a cab and reached the the Thai Shopping complex in few minutes…..

Piya gets inside a large branded showroom…… and took a red dress, pink dress and black dress, she even takes a pink saree for Misha to tease her, she takes 1 beautiful silver saree for Madhu and a white tie for arnab….. and they go to a accessory shop and buy few shell earings for her self…. And then go to a café and have cold drink and burger…………and then abhay’s phone rings….

Abhay: Excuse me Piya……

Abhay on phone…..

Abhay: Hello

Dr Gupta: hello mr raichand this is Dr Gupta

Abhay: Yes doctor say

Dr Gupta: Can you meet me now in the hospital…..?

Abhay: Actually doctor m out now with my wife… anything urgent???

Dr Gupta: Yes Mr Raichad its urgent….. please come now….

Abhay: Okay doctor it will take half an hour 4 me to reach…

Dr Gupta: okay …..

Abhay then goes to Piya…………….

Abhay: Piya tumko aur kuch kaam hai yahan?

Piya: Sab kuch ho gaya….

Abhay: Mujhe hospital jaana hoga abhi…. Tumko hotel drop karke main jaunga…

Piya: Hospital…? Phir se kya kaam hai????

Abhay: Ye accident case tha na… aur hum tourist hain, to aur bhi formalities hai….. ( Main Piya ko sach nahi bata sakta…. Mujhe usse ye sab chupana hoga tumse sorry Piya)

Piya: Koi baat nahi abhay tum yahan se direct jao hospital, mujhe yahan aur thoda kaam hai, main hotel chale jaungi…

Abhay: Are u sure Piya???

Piya : Yes dear….

Abhay leaves…….

Piya thinking: Kuch na kuch to baat hai, abhay mujhse zaroor koi baat chupa raha hai…. I need to find out… mujhe bhi hospital jaana hoga…!!!!!!!

The episode ends

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Season 2

Posted by Muhammad Shahzad on December 9, 2012 at 1:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Season 2

::::::::My Version of pyaar kii yeh ek kahani- season 2


The scene opens in Abhiya’s hotel room, Abhay and Piya returned from the boating…..

Abhay: Piya tum thoda rest le lo dear phir dinner karne jaana hai….

Piya: Haan tum bhi rest le lo thodi der…

Abhiya: Nahi Piya mujhe hospital jaana hoga kuch formalities pura karna hai…

Piya: Par hamne ne to saara formalities pura kar liya….

Abhay: Tum tension mat lo Piya, tum aaram karo, main thodi der me aa jaunga… tum ready rehena, phir hum dinner par jayenge…

Piya: ok take care thik se jaana abhay…

Abhay: haan piya …… bye….

Piya is resting on her bed and watch TV…… all romantic memory comes to her mind….. she could remember the day when she met Abhay for the 1st time, she could rember Abhay’s arrogance turning into love…. How abhay saved her each time when she was in trouble, she even remembered how Abhay turned into a human and finally their marriage, the intimate moments and unforgettable honeymoon……..

Now the scene moves to Abhay, he is driving to the hospital….

Abhay: Mujhe pata karna hi parega kya sach me us ladki par kisi vampire ne hamla kiya tha. Main Piya ko khatre me nahi daal sakta. Main Piya aur mere bich ab kisi ko bhi aane nahi dunga… main insaan hoon par kamzor nahi hoon. Piya ke pyaar ne mujhe bohot taakat diya hai…

Abhay stops his car at the hospital and walks to the reception.

Abhay: I need to meet Dr Gupta its urgent.

Receptionist: Sir do u have an appointment?

Abhay: No, but its urgent please try to understand

Receptionist : Sorry sir, he doesn’t meet anyone without appointment

Abhay ( picks up a paper weight on the table and bangs it against it) : Main aap se bol raha hoon ki mujhe bohot zaroori kaam hai, phir bhi aap nahi samaj rahi… what type of management is this? What type of behavior is this. I am going to complaint no hospitality…… nothing!!!!!!!

Receptionist: Calm down sir!!! Sorry sir!!! Give me a moment… ( She talks with some1 on phone and then let Abhay go in to meet Dr Gupta)…..

Abhay knocks the door….

Dr Gupta: Come in

Abhay : Thank you

Dr Gupta: Have a seat….

Abhay sits down

Dr Gupta : Yes, Mr Raichand how may I help you? Is your wife all alright? After all it was a big tragedy…

Abhay: She is fine. I need your help doctor.

Dr Gupta: haan bolo

Abhay: Jis din main aur meri wife is hospital me aye the, us din ek ladki ki dead body ayi thi, sorry but maine aap logon ki baat sun lit hi…. You all are suspecting that the girl has been killed by a vampire. Sir I am doing research on vampires and I know many things about them. I can help you with the case doctor and in return it will be great help to me 4 my research….

Dr Gupta: Mr Raichand generally we don’t let any third person to interfere in our case, but since you claim to have knowledge in this field, I am involving you in this case.

Abhay: Thank you very much….

Dr Gupta: Come with me Mr Raichand….

Dr Gupta leads abhay to the Morgue …….. he takes him near the body of that girl, shows him the bite at her neck, which they are suspecting it to be of a vampire….

Abhay examines the mark carefully and very confidently says…..

Abhay: I am 100 % sure it’s a vampire bite, doctor we have to do something about it..

Dr Gupta: Yes Mr Raichand, I’ll keep in touch with you.

Abhay: Bye doctor….

The scene then moves to the hotel…….

Piya is wearing a red saree …. She looks so beautiful………..

Piya ( standing in front of the mirror ) Uff abhay tum kab aaoge?????

Suddenly somebody knocks at the door…..

Piya: Kaun hai?

Abhay: Main hoon dear…

Piya: Ohh abhay tumko knock karne ka kya zarurat hai???

Abhay: he he Wow tum ready ho…… main 5 mins me change karke aata hoon…

Piya: ok I am waiting…

Its 9pm at night and Abhiya left 4 the romantic candle night dinner…….

A round table was laden with roses, candles and wine and Abhiya sitting opposite each other…..

Abhay and Piya were holding each others hand…. Abhay apne hathon se Piya ko wine pilata hai, and then they order for their dinner.

Abhay: Sweetheart you know this red saree is really complimenting you…. You are looking more beautiful than always…

Piya: What do you mean Abhay? Other colors doesn’t suit me or what?

Abhay: Ha ha!!!! I did not mean that… you always look beautiful… but coz today we are on a romantic dinner you look more gorgeous…….

Piya: Very funny…

Abhay offers Piya to dance and then they dance to the tune of dil ibadat…. And they again go back to the their table….

Their dinner comes. They had ordered Thai food….. they had their food and they leave the restaurant……

The episode ends…

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Season 2

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Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Season 2.............

source::::::::My Version of pyaar kii yeh ek kahani- season 2


The scene opens in the hospital, its 8am in the morning, Abhay and Piya sleeping. The nurse comes inside their room with their breakfast. The nurse first wakes up Abhay and as she walks towards Piya, Abhay stops her…

Abhay: Aaap jao, main use utha dunga.

Nurse: ok sir!! But please jaldi utha dena nahi to mujhe hospital authority se data milega. Aap log ko thodi der me discharge kar dia jayega. Accidental case hai. Bohot formalities pura karna hai….

Abhay: okay!!!!!!!!

Abhay then goes to the washroom to freshen up and then comes and sit in a chair in front of Piya’s bed…

Abhay: Piya tum is tarah sote huye bohot maasum lag rahi ho, tum aur bhi khoobsurat lag rahi ho… bilkul ek nanhi si pari jisse maine pyaar kiya tha…. Jisne ek patthar par jaan daala…. Nahi piya main tumhe disturb nahi karna chahata hoon. Then abhay kisses piya on her forhead, cheeks and then finally the lips…..

Amidst all this Piya wakes up and holds Abhay’s face and brings it closer and kisses him……

Abhay gets conscious that they were in hospital

Abhay: Jaldi uth jao ab…. Breakfast bhi aa gaya…. Nurse bol rahi thi aj hume discharge kar diya jayega…

Piya: ok dear, main washroom se ho kar aati hoon.

Abhay: Thik hai.

Both of them then have their breakfast. Then Abhay goes to clear all their formalities and finally they are discharged.

The scene then moves to Sid and Panchi……

Panchi: I told you na Piya ko kuch nahi hona chahiye tha…. And now she is in hospital

Sid: Panchi Panchi oh my Panchi….. Piya ko kuch nahi huya…. My bad luck!! Ki abhay ko bhi kuch nahi hua… jab tak vo locket un dono ke paas hai unka hum kuch nahi bigaar sakte hai…

Panchi: Can I ask you something?

Sid: Haan pucho?

Panchi: Tum kya sach me Piya se pyaar karte the ya vo sirf abhay se badla lene ka raasta tha…. Kya tumne mujhse kabhi saccha pyaar kiya tha?

Sid: Dear I am vampire. Main tumhe kaise samjhaon aur kitne baar samjhaon, ki vampires have no place for emotions in their life…. Tum batao Panchi kya tumne mujhse kabhi saccha pyaar kia tha? Nahi na you always loved Danish…!!!! Aur rahi Piya ki baat maine kabhi piya se pyaar nahi kiya tha….. Maine sirf aur sirf maithli se pyaar kiya tha jab main ek insaan tha….

Panchi: Could not stop her tears and started weeping…. Blood came out of her eyes….

Sid ( hugs panchi and consoles her) : Khair jo bhi ho, now we have to return to Dehradun and wait 4 them over their…. Yahan hum kuch nahi kar sakte hai…. And we are in danger….

The scene then moves to Abhay and Piya’s hotel room, they both were sitting on the sofa, very close to each other and watching TV…..

Piya: Jab se hum hospital se aye hain tab se hum yahan baithe bore ho rahe hai….

Abhay: Par kya Karen itna kuch ho gaya, bohot tiredness bhi lag raha…

Piya: Koi baat nahi, yahan paas me jo lake vahan chalte hain, boating karenge, fresh ho jayenge aur tiredness bhi dur ho jayega. Wat say?

Abhay: Good idea!!!!!! Lets go…………

Abhay and Piya walked slowly from their hotel towards the lake. Lovely breeze was blowing. Piya ka hair hawa me ud raha tha….. and she was looking very gorgeous like that……..

After reaching the lake they took a boat which was just like the shikara. A small covered room in the boat…

Abhay and Piya went and sat in the boat. Oh My God!!!! They were so cozy. They had drawn the curtain of the boat even…they both hugged each other very tightly….. abhay ne Piya ko vaha leta diya and he was over her… ahem ahem….. ( background score : Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain

Jaane Kya Bole Mann Dole Sunke Badan

Dhadkan Bani Zubaan

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain

Jaane Kya Bole Mann Dole Sunke Badan

Dhadkan Bani Zubaan

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan

Khulte Badn Hote Labhon Ki Ye Ankahi

Khulte Badn Hote Labhon Ki Ye Ankahi

Mujhse Keh Rahi Hai Ki Badhne De Bekhudi

Mil Yoon Ki Daud Jaayein Nas Nas Mein Bijliyaan

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain

Jaane Kya Bole Mann Dole Sunke Badan

Dhadkan Bani Zubaan

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan

Aasmaan Ko Bhi Ye Haseen Raaz Hai Pasand

Aasmaan Ko Bhi Ye Haseen Raaz Hai Pasand

Uljhi Uljhi Saanson Ki Aawaaz Hai Pasand

Moti Luta Rahi Hai Saawan Ki Badliyaan

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain

Jaane Kya Bole Mann Dole Sunke Badan

Dhadkan Bani Zubaan

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan .)

The scene then moves to the hospital, where there was a discussion going on among a panel of doctors regarding the dead body of a girl…..

Doctor 1 : Gentlemen this is the report which clearly reveals that is not any casual insect bites..

Doctor 2 : It seems the entire blood in the girls body has been sucked. In today’s world this is not to believed but still this is true that this girl has been bitten by vampire.

Doctor 3 : If it’s a vampire, we have to find him and finish it off….

Doctor 4: I have planned 4 a sting operation.

The episode ends

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Season 2

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Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Season 2

source::::::::My Version of pyaar kii yeh ek kahani- season 2


What a tragedy! Blood scattered every where. Bodies of many sweet couples like our Abhiya was lying unconscious on the ground. A huge crowd gathered in the fair. Sounds of ambulance is being heard…

Sid: I am thirsty!! Tasty meals here. Chalo Panchi hum apna shikar karte hai.

Panchi: No Sid! Main Piya ko chor kar kahin nahi jaane wali hoon.

Sid: Panchi tumhe apna maksat nahi bhulna chahiye. Remember we are here to be the most powerful vampire. Bas hume abhay ki body chahiye…

Panchi: Mujhe yaad hai. But not at the cost of my sister’s life..! Tum Abhay ke sath kuch bhi karo, that doesn’t matter to me.. but Piya ko kuch nahi hona chahiye….

Sid: Emotions here, emotions there, emotions everywhere!!!!

Panchi: Main Jaa rahi Piya ko bachane…. I don’t know anything…

Sid: Panchi tum pagal ho kya? Sabke saamne tum aisa nahi kar sakti… We will be finished!!!!!!!

Panchi: Doesn’t matter sid ! ( Panchi ran fast to Piya)…

Panchi Piya ko choone ja rahi thi kuch mantar parte parte…. But she was thrown back. Sid even comes there….

Panchi: Yeh kya ho raha hai? Main Piya ko thik kyun nahi kar paa rahi hoon… Aisa lag raha ki maano kisi taakat ne mujhe zor se phek diya….

Sid: Panchi move away from there… piya ka vo locket dekho!!!!

Panchi: Yeh to vampires ke against taavis hai…

Sid: Once again we failed Panchi. Ye tavis me itna taakat hai… ki un dono ko kuch nahi hoga……… Chalo lets go for our bloody treat.

Panchi: Sid you know na main human blood nahi peeti……. I am going back….. (Panchi leaves)

Sid caught hold of a girl and seduced her to a dark corner behind a tree…. And then slowly drank all her blood with his fangs….

Sid: hmmmmmm delicious!!!!!!

In the mean time the ambulance comes and takes abhiya along with the other injured to the hospital… A police noticed the body of a girl in a dark corner behind the tree…

Police: Oh no!!! She is cold… I am sure this not due to the accident.. this is something else…

Another police: Sir lagta hai ise kisi dangerous kida ne kaat liya…. We need to rush to the hospital!!!

In the hospital doctors examining Abhay and Piya…..

Doctor to nurse: This is a miracle!

Nurse: Kya hua sir?

Doctor: This lucky couple is surviving without a single injury even after falling from such a height…Thoda der me inko hosh aa jayega. They are perfectly fine….

Another doctor seeing the dead body of that girl attacked by Sid

Doctor: She is dead!! Lagta hai iska khoon koi bohot dangerous kida ne chus liya hai…. But this rare!!!!!

Another doctor: Sir I know this is something not to be believed.. par yeh mujhe vampires ka nishaan lag raha hai….

Doctor : Investigation…

The scene moves to the hospital room where abhay and Piya was there….

Abhay ko behoshi me purani baatein yaad aa rahi hai… jab vo vampire tha….. use vo pal yaad aya jab vo piya ko peheli baar jungle me dekha tha, abhay ka mount college me entry hona, dheere dheere piya ke karib aana…. Un dono ka shaadi hona aur phir honey moon me aana….. ( Back ground music na na na na na……)

Achanak abhay ko hosh aata hai and he shouts!!!!!

Abhay: Piyaaaaaaaa

Doctors and nurse comes in…

Doctor: Relax Mr Raichand! You are absolutely fine.

Abhay: Aur Piya?

Doctor: Oh ya… aapki wife bhi bilkul thik hai….. bas unhe bhi thodi der me hosh aa jayegi… I must say Mr Raichand you are a lucky couple. Itne heights se girne ke baad bhi you are absolutely fine. Take care Mr Raichand and don’t worry… ( he leaves)

Abhay goes and sits near Piya…. He kisses Piya on her forhead and her cheeks.

Abhay: Kya hua Piya tumhe? Tumhe pata hai na main tumhe is haalat me dekh nahi sakta…. Utho pia jaldi se uth jao… tumhara abhay tumhare bina adhura hai…

Abhay bends his face on piya and cries…..

Abhay: Phir kiski nazar lag gayi.. hamari pyaar kii is is kahani pe…..

In few mins Piya ko hosh aa jaata hai…. Piya apni aakhein kholti hai…

Piya: Abhay? Hum kahan hai? Kya ho gaya?

Abhay: Kisses Piya… kuch nahi piya. No need to worry. Now we are fine. Bas chota sa accident tha.

Abhay goes to call the doctor and he heard their conversation

Doctor 1 : Sir investigation ka kya hua?

Doctor 2: Main 80% sure hoon that this is vampire’s bite, baki investigation ke baad.

Abhay (thinking) : Vampire? Ye kaun ho sakta hai? Kya maithli phir se vapas aa gayi? Ya koi aur hai… ho na ho ye incident me kisi vampire ka hi haat hoga. Par who are they… kaun hai jo phir se hamare pyaar kii yeh kahani ke bich me aa gaya… aur mujhe aur piya ko kuch bhi nahi hua itna height se gir ke bhi… strange!!!!!

The episode end

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Season 2

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Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Season 2

... source::::::::My Version of pyaar kii yeh ek kahani- season 2


Abhay and Piya driving back to their hotel. Sid and Panchi following them in another car. Their car passed through a road which was very crowded. The place seemed to be very colorful. Piya opened the glass of the window to peep through what is going on there. Piya noticed a blue color banner in which it was written in bold “ Thailand Sea Festival”. Piya got excited seeing the joy rides and different stalls which looked very colorful…. ... See MorePiya: Stop the car Abhay!!!! This place is just wonderful!!! Vo dekho yaar. Just look at those rides. Hmmm giant wheel dekho… its driving me crazy…. Abhay: No, Piya. Fir kabhi ayenge. We are getting late. Dinner me bhi jaana hai na dear….. ( Sid and Panchi are still at the back of them, waiting 4 them to move further……) Piya: Nahi Abhay! I don’t wanna hear anything. Mujhe jaana hai. Come on. We are on our honey moon….. Abhay: Okay dear as you wish…. Chalo!!! They both came out of the car. Abhay locks the car gate after parking the car at the side….. Abhay: Haan ab bolo kahan jaana hai tumko? I wonder how do these rides fascinates you… Piya: Bohot maza aata hai… try to karo… waise bhi dinner to late se jaana hai…. Itna jaldi vapas jakar kya karenge….? Abhay: Waise karna to bohot kuch tha… anyways leave it chalo… tumahara fair ghoom kar aate hai….. Sid and Panchi seems to be confused….. Sid: Vo log yahan kyun rukh gaye??? Where are they going? Panchi: Sid read Abhay’s mind! Sid: Maine koshish kiya….. I can’t read it… mujhe kuch feel nahi ho raha… tum koshish karo. Panchi: Maine pehele hi try kiya kuch nahi ho raha….. Sid: Aisa kyun ho raha…. ? I am angryyyyyy!!!! Panchi: Don’t panic… side me aao fast!!! Vo dekh lenge hume…. We need to hide… fir chup chaap unka follow karenge….. Abhay and Piya moving towards the fair…. Piya comes across a stall there, where she sees a beautiful lehenga…abhay even looks at it… Abhay: This is really beautiful….!!!! Traditional too!!!! Tum ise kharid lo … Piya: Yup!! Main bhi yehi soch rahi thi…. Piya goes to the trial room and tries the outfit, she looks at her self in the mirror and checks out the fittings… and then comes out to show it Abhay. Piya was walking towards Abhay…. And abhay was staring at her continuously…. And then the background score: Tere waaste... Mera ishq sufiyana Mera ishq sufiyana Mera ishq sufiyana Tere waaste... Mera ishq sufiyana Mera ishq sufiyana Mera ishq sufiyana Rab ki qawali Hai ishq koi Dil ki Diwali Hai ishq koi Mehki si pyaali Hai ishq koi Subah ki laali Hai ishq... Ishq... Ishq... Ishq... Ishq... Ishq... Ishq... Ishq... Ishq... Ishq... Ishq... Ishq... Ishq... Ishq... Ishq... Sochoon tujhe Toh hai subah Sochoon tujhe Toh shaam hai Ho... Manzilon pe Ab toh meri... Ek hi tera naam hai Tere aag mein hi jalke Koyale se hira banke Khwaabon se aage chalke Hai tujhe batana Tere waaste... Mera ishq sufiyana Mera ishq sufiyana Mera ishq sufiyana Tere waaste... Mera ishq sufiyana Mera ishq sufiyana Mera ishq sufiyana Saath saath chalte chalte Haath choot jayenge Aisi raahon mein milo naa Baatein baatein karte karte Raat kat jaayegi Aisi raaton mein milo naa Kya hum hain Kya Rab hai Jahaan tu hai Wahin sab hai Tere lab mile Mere lab khile Ab door kya hai jaana Tere waaste Mera ishq sufiyana Mera ishq sufiyana Mera ishq sufiyana Tere waaste Mera ishq sufiyana Mera ishq sufiyana Mera ishq sufiyana Rab ki qawali Hai ishq koi Dil ki Diwali Hai ishq koi Mehki si pyaali Hai ishq koi Subah ki laali Hai ishq... Mere dil ko... Tu jaan se juda kar de Yoon bas tu... Mujhko fanaa kar de Mera haal tu Meri chaal tu Bas kar de aashiqana Tere waaste Mera ishq sufiyana Mera ishq sufiyana Mera ishq sufiyana Abhay: Piya you look perfect!!!! Piya: Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! I am taking this then… They took the dress and walked further…. Sid and Panchi hiding behind a tree and watching them… Piya: Mujhe vo giant wheel me chalna hai… chalo na abhay!!! Abhay: Haan chalo….. They both are walking hand in toward the giant wheel…. Sid: Abhay marne ke liye tayyar ho jao!!! Panchi: But promise me tum Piya ko koi nuksaan nahi pohochaoge… You won’t hurt Piya… Sid: Panchi!!! Panchi!!! Panchi!!!! We are vampires!!! Hamare bich emotions kab se aa gaya……. Panchi: What ever sid!!! Piya meri sister hai…! I can’t afford to hurt her… Sid : Now you are a vampire Panchi… tumhara koi family nahi… koi behen nai… koi apna nahi… Panchi: Abhay and Piya goes and sit in one of the seats in the giant wheel. They were very cozy. Piya rested her self on Abhay’s shoulder as the joy ride started…. Sid and Panchi comes there…. Sid goes near the engine from where the giant wheel works…. Every one enjoying the joy ride….. everybody shouting in excitement….. Sid pulled the big chain of the giant wheel and most of the people was struck in the mid- air…. Crying and howling of people could be heard…. Some people managed to jump who were near the ground. Alas!!! Our abhiya and few others were stuck mid air…. Piya: Mujhe bohot dar lag raha hai… whats happening??/ Ye rukh kyun gaya Abhay: Trust me Piya kuch nahi hoga…… Sid still near the chain… but no body could notice him…. Sid broke the chain with his fangs……. And the seats of the the giant wheel was falling down almost going to bang the floor…… Abhay aur Piya dono ek dusre ko bohot kas ke pakar liya…….. Piya ( shouting aloud): Abhayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Abhay: Piyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa And the giant wheel banged down……… few people managed to escape…. But some were lying on the floor with blood scattered around. Abhay and Piya too lying on the ground unconscious….. Panchi: Piyaaaaaaa!!! Omg Sid piya ko dekho…… Sid: Control Panchi!!!!! Panchi: Piya is my sister yaar.. Sid: dekho udhar dekho!!! Blood!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!! I am thirsty!!!!!! The episode ends…….. Precap: Kya hua abhay aur Piya ko? Kya phir se unki pkyek ko nazar lag gayi??? Kya hoga unki honeymoon ka anjaam?